How much money do I need in retirement?

The most vexing question for most people when eventually they think about retirement… when in reality that question is easy to answer.

Think in terms of lifestyle and answer these two simple questions :

  • Do you think you live an extravagant lifestyle now?
  • How much of your current lifestyle are you prepared to sacrifice in order that you could retire?

For most the answer to those questions is “No” and “Not much!”. Which are perfectly valid answers. Therefore you have just established how much you need in retirement—exactly what you generate now.

Pay off your mortgage in your sleep - #3

You now have all the information at hand to get started:

  • How much the household earns in Gross Income [before tax]
  • How much the household spends, at least on an average monthly basis
  • What you want to do with the money you’ll save and/or pay off your mortgage.


Now to get started. If there is anything that foils everyone’s plan to reduce debt, at least at some stage, it’s lack of action. That can be part way through when things the boredom sets in, or more often at the start when intention is willing, but the action is not.

Pay off your mortgage in your sleep - #2

So, have you filled out your Personal Financial Position Review? If you haven't—stop and go and do that now.

Like and journey, you need to work out exactly where things are right now and where you're headed. Rather than simply wandering aimlessly though life, you are at the crossroads—the tipping point—and are committed to doing things differently this time.

Pay off your mortgage in your sleep - #1

How would you like to get rid of your mortgage while you sleep? You can. Getting rid of your mortgage is a function of four things:

  • Income
  • Cashflow
  • Structure, and
  • Focus

The same is true for any debt. Seems obvious but if you don't or can't get in front of it, then you have a challenge. And for many people that first step seems insurmountable, unimaginable.

The good news is that most people have ample space to manage it—it just doesn't seem like it. And everything just gets lost in the detritus of life.

Is Procrastination Killing Your Swimming?

If you are a swimmer, or want to be, then this blog is a good read. The post on Swim Smooth strikes a chord because it gets to the heart of the matter. Paul Newsome at Swim Smooth provides some great ideas, training strategies and techniques through the website. With a healthy dose of common sense.

The 30 DFC search is on...

We think there's some hidden financial gems out there and we want to help discover them, and you. And when we do you can win some brilliant prizes!! So the 30 DFC search for this year is staring soon.

March 5 filling fast

We had a lot of people already wanting to take part in the March 5th 30 DFC so it has filled much quicker than anticipated.
If you want to take part in it don't make sure you subscribe. When it’s full it’s full the next will be as scheduled on 26th March. <--!break-->
We are continuing to make changes to the website and welcome feedback.
If demand remains high we might need to add another, but it will require more people to manage, so let us know if you missed out we.
We look forward to seeing you in the next 30DFC.
The 30DFC Team

No thanks I'm fine...

How many times a day do you hear that? When do you hear it? What does it actually mean?

In reality it's kind of a filler phrase when it's too hard to think of something else to say. It has a specific meaning but how often is it said with the in mind? Not often.

It wasn't me... it must have been the dog

We get a lot of communication from people asking about the 30DFC. It’s particularly interesting, when we make contact, the number of people who are quick to find any excuse for bailing out. They work really hard at it. If they worked at hard as doing something positive, they’d be on fire!

30DFC for 20th Feb full - new one added early March

We’ve hit the limit for the Feb 20th 30DFC so unfortunately we’ve had to close subscriptions.

We anticipated it would be popular, but we underestimated quite how popular!

As result we have decided to add another 30DFC in at the start of March to make some more space available. We have given those that missed out on February first look at 5th March. So if you want to take advantage of the extra program, you’ll need to get in quick. When it’s full it’s full and the next will be as scheduled on 26th March.


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